It’s one thing getting up to shower to simply walk into your home office, but getting up to get “people presentable” and commute to the office is a whole other ballgame. It used to be normal, right? You had a routine. It wasn’t always ideal after a late night but it didn’t leave you comatose with a bird’s nest on your head and 5 empty coffee cups on your desk by 10am either. A change in routine is always tough. It takes the body a while to adjust, and given that the entire world is just getting back to normality now – your body is doing a whole lot of adjusting! 

You can finally go to the office again, you can hit the actual gym again instead of sweating it out in the local park – in front of all your neighbors who have now witnessed the entire spectrum of the color red you’ve started to turn when you try to work out. 

Times have changed. Your body has probably changed too. But it can change back just as easily, so don’t worry about that. Now is the time to make sure your nutrition is on point. If you focus on feeding your body the fuel it needs to power through the day, regardless of what it entails, you’ll get rid of that lockdown hangover in no time at all. 

So how do you do that? What do you need to eat? What do you need to stop eating? Well, here’s the thing; it’s actually quite simple. People just tend to overthink it a LOT. Your body needs a few primary things to ensure you get the energy you need daily from your diet:

  • An optimally functioning digestive system
  • A balanced diet packed with nutrient-dense foods
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Proper hydration

If any of these are missing or out of sync then you’re going to start feeling it fast; ironically because you’re going to slow down! But the thing about coming out of lockdown life is that you lose that extra time you had to spend on meal prep and eating healthier. Your daily activities increase, life speeds up, and before you know it you’re popping a readymade meal in the microwave at 8pm after surviving on coffee and energy drinks all day. 

That’s why we came up with Super Greens. One daily dose is the equivalent of your 5 a day. You can simply mix it into your morning smoothie when you head out the door to work or bring it to the gym for a post-workout pick-me-up. If you’ve ever got stuck wondering whether you need prebiotics or probiotics or digestive enzymes or multi-vitamins, Super Greens is the all-in-one solution that takes out all of the procrastination so that you can get your head back in the game. 

As for getting your digestive system back at 100%, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Super Greens have that covered too. Not only will a daily dose detoxify your system, but you’ll also improve your nutrient absorption so that all of the efforts you put into cleaning up your diet doesn’t go to waste (excuse the pun!).

Re-energize Your Life Again With Super Greens

With one scoop of Super Greens daily you can kickstart your digestion, detox your system, and get ready for the day ahead. 

Whether new to this “get healthy” thing, want to get back on the wellness wagon, or never fell off it in the first place – Super Greens will help you on your way forward.

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