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A daily Probiotic is a critical part of repairing an unhealthy gut. Our digestive tract is one of our body's first lines of defense against outside pathogens and overgrowth of bad bacteria (such as H. Pylori). A healthy gut requires two important things:

1) Healthy digestion
2) A healthy microbiome

To achieve a healthy microbiome, we must first regularly supply our gut with a diverse set of good bacteria. This can be achieved by diet or through supplementation. Since most of us are not able to consume a diverse set of good bacteria on a daily basis, a daily Probiotic with at least 60 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) is highly recommend!

The 2nd piece of the puzzle for maintaining a healthy microbiome, is making sure that those good bacteria are regularly fed. You may have heard of something called a "prebiotic". A prebiotic is essentially food for those good bacteria to keep them flourishing . Our Detox Cleanse formula keeps healthy bacteria well plenished while also having the nice side effect of making sure you stay regular. Taken together, the Advanced Probiotic & Detox Cleanse will help your gut get and stay healthy for good!


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The combination of Advanced Probiotics with Detox Cleanse will ensure that the friendly bacteria in your gut have the proper nutrients they need to protect your digestive tract against outside pathogens and unwanted bad bacteria. Order them together to save big!


"My gut is finally on track..."

After years of struggling with all kinds of ailments related to an unhealthy microbiome (including chronic yeast infections and terrible side effects from H. Pylori), my gut finally feels like its in balance and can do the job on its own! I can't speak highly enough about Advanced Probiotic and Detox Cleanse from Terra Health!

Christine McVeigh
"I thought probiotics were just for new age yoga people..."

I spent most of my 20's always talking poorly about supplements. I either said that they didn't work, or that they weren't for people like me. When I turned 30 though, I started developing chronic bloating and diarrhea. A friend recommend that I try Terra Health, and I am so glad that I listened! I am now a firm believe in prebiotics and probiotics (as long as they're quality). I would recommend Detox Cleanse and Advanced Probiotic to anyone has ever felt like their gut needed a fresh start.

Paula Adam
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