Candida Equalizer

Candida Equalizer


Terra Health Essentials Candida Equalizer contains two potent enzymes which help to regulate candida levels in your body to ensure it functions optimally. Using this supplement to maintain healthy gut flora will help to avoid the symptoms associated with a yeast imbalance.

Our expertly formulated Candida Equalizer has been developed to:

  • restore gut flora balance in the gut
  • help to prevent and treat Candidiasis 
  • combat fatigue and digestive discomfort
  • improve digestion
  • promote a stronger immune system

Candida is a yeast bacteria found in the gut and mouth. This is a “good” variation of bacteria, but too little or too much of it can cause your digestive and immune systems to dysfunction. If your yeast levels go out of balance, you may experience symptoms such as fatigue, digestive discomfort, and an uncomfortable fungal infection called Candidiasis. 

The essential enzyme blend in our Candida Equalizer can help to prevent and resolve any symptoms related to a yeast imbalance in the body. Candidiasis and other digestive issues can be prevented and resolved with this carefully formulated blend of enzymes developed to restore your Candida balance and boost your immune system.

Main Ingredients:

Cellulase and Protease are the two ingredients in this potent enzyme formulation. Cellulase is the only digestive enzyme that isn’t naturally produced by the body and it is essential for breaking down the Cellulose in the yeast cell wall. Protease supports this process by aiding the digestion of the proteins in the Candida yeast walls and cells.

List of Ingredients:

  • 30,000 CU Cellulase 
  • 115,000 HUT Protease

How to Use:

2 capsules per day after a meal.



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