reflux inhibitor

FAQs for Reflux Inhibitor

I have been taking this supplement for 2 weeks and my acid reflux hasn’t improved, what do I do next?

At this point we would increase your dosage as you may have a more severe acid reflux condition. You can gradually increase the dosage of the reflux inhibitor up to... Read More

Does this work for silent reflux?

Yes, this works in the same way for silent reflux as standard acid reflux.... Read More

Does this work if you have a hiatal hernia?

Yes, dosage will need to be adjusted but we’ve had success in treating this and will work with you on getting the right treatment plan in place.... Read More

Will this interact with other medication?

No, the only medication this will interact with are acid blockers/PPIs which you should stop taking before commencing our supplements (as they counteract the effects).... Read More

What is the success rate of this supplement?

We have an 85% success rate, but everyone’s situation is very unique. We work with people on an individual basis once they start supplementing to get timing and dosage correct. ... Read More

How long before I start feeling better?

You should be experiencing relief within two weeks, although some people feel better in as little as a few days. In terms of resolving your acid reflux for good, this... Read More

Do your supplements help with LPR?

Yes, this is an excellent treatment for LPR.... Read More

I have/had H Pylori, will this help me?

H Pylori tends to be a marker of low stomach acidity so this can definitely help. H pylori can often be brought on because of poor digestion. When you have... Read More
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