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Q: Do the products contain flow agents?

A: Talc is used in the shell of some product capsules

Q: What are the capsule shells made from?

A: The capsule shells are made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and an enzyme concentrate that varies depending on the product.

Q: Are the products organic?

A: Yes, all of our products are derived from organic and naturally sourced ingredients.

Q: How do you create the formulations for your products?

A: The products were formulated in consultation with various doctors and laboratories to create the unique blends you see on the site.

Q: Why are garlic and psyllium husk for added to the detox blend for a decrease in bloating?

A: Although garlic is a high FODMAP food, it’s historically well known for its cleansing properties and stimulates the liver to produce enzymes to flush out toxins. The reduction in bloating from the detox cleanse is primarily due to its colon cleansing action. Early research also suggests that taking garlic twice daily for 6 months improves digestion, stops the growth of H.pylori, and reduces stomach inflammation.

Q: How does the Candida product clear up Candida?

A: The breakdown of biofilm will clear up the Candida.

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