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Reflux Inhibitor

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This powerful combination of premium-sourced betaine HCl and pepsin not only mimics, but outdoes your body’s natural digestive processes, thus providing a clear signal to your lower esophageal sphincter to stay closed and stop acid reflux before it starts.

🚫 Stop chronic heartburn
🧑‍⚕ Treat root cause of acid reflux
💪 Boost digestion
🥦 Improve nutrient absorption

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Reflux Inhibitor puts out the fire in your throat by preventing it from happening in the first place. Unlike traditional heartburn medication, it is formulated to prevent acid reflux rather than just treat its symptoms. It has now been touted as one of the best available OTC all-natural acid reflux remedies.

This revolutionary product is based on contrarian logic that works in opposite (but far more effective) ways than traditional heartburn medication.

While acid reducing medications simply put a band-aid on the problem by preventing acid production. Reflux Inhibitor targets the foundational communication between your digestive system and your lower esophageal sphincter.

By boosting this signal through improved digestion, your lower esophageal sphincter stays shut and keeps stomach acid where it belongs. The end result is no more heartburn!





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